Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Nigerian Guy Advises Ladies Looking For Ready Made Men, Shares Photos Of His Wife Who DMed Him 6 Years Ago

A Cyprus based Nigerian man, Omega Humez recounted how he met his wife on facebook six years ago and advised ladies looking for ready made men.
Omega Humez who is reportedly an entertainer, took to his facebook account to reveal how he met his wife, shared romantic pictures and advised ladies looking for ready made men.
He wrote;
To all those so called BIG or “POSH” girls that will never say “HI” to a brother you deeply admire but bottle up your feelings to the graves!
SHE FOUND ME HERE ON FACEBOOK and said “HI” continuously for almost 2 months! before she got the first response.
THEN: “I can remember vividly the first time I kissed her. I told her I would love to kiss ’em lips for the rest of my days.
NOW: (Almost six years After) Despite our differences and all our shortcomings… Not only do I still kiss em lips, I guess our neighbours are tired of the”moanings”and screams of “oooooo..aaaaaghhh” they have to deal with EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! *Oya go and tell your Daddy G.O* #ChristAnna2018 (Under 18.. close your eyes!



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