Wednesday, 13 September 2017

How A Lady Set Me Up For Assassination – Battered UNICAL Lecturer Narrates His Ordeal

I was never involved in any visa racketeering—Odok
“The girl that set me up for assassination claimed she was my student and needed counsel as whether to abandon school for a business in Dubai. She wanted to trade on human hair. I told her I have never traveled out of Nigeria nor have I ever done a transaction involving a Visa.
“I told her I could only make inquiries to assist her. I called a friend who asked for her age. He asked for her age and she said she was 28. He categorically told her that Visa cannot be guaranteed for a girl who is less than 30 according to Nigerian immigration laws. According to him, a girl who is less than 30 can only travel with a guardian or if she is married
“No money was involved or discussed. Our conversation was on phone and the security agencies are with the girl’s phone, so truth can’t be hidden because our communication can easily be investigated”, Odok said.
Odok, had on Tuesday gone to the DSS office in Calabar to give his statement over the attack. He was never in detention as it was reported in some corners.
When contacted a few days later, the DSS responded by saying that the matter has been transferred to the state police command for further investigation.
Police angle…
Asp Irene Ugbk, the state police spokesperson, who confirmed that the case has been handed over to them, disclosed that it the matter was all centred on visa procurement.
“We have the girl in our custody and she is giving us useful information to expand the scope of our investigation. The three guys who stabbed the complainant are still at large and we are working hard to arrest them.
“Some online blogs qouted me wrongly and the state command is not pleased with that”, Irene lamented.
Questions begging for answers..
Why is the girl still in custody and Odok is allowed to walk the street freely?
Why has she remained un-named since the ugly incident happened?
If Odok, according to some mis-guided information has been in Visa racketeering, why has the girl not mentioned the amount involved?
Conscience is an open wound and only truth can heal it.
You can only lie about the dead. Odok is alive and the truth will play out very soon.
Those trying to assassinate and blackmail his character have failed.
George Odok, I affirm him to represent what I told him in my interview with him



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